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Welcome back to Thomas Mann Online! I will be updating the gallery with the latest pictures as well as giving the site a brand new look in the next few days.

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I’ve added 300+ Blu-ray screencaptures from the movie  “Funsize.  Make sure you get your copy today!


Gallery Links: Movie Productions > Fun Size (2012) > Blu-Ray Screencaptures [x304]

Thomas was featured in the 2nd Annual Men to Watch in the spring edition of Zooey Magazine!  Below you can view the scan along with a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot!

I’ve added a photoshoot to the gallery that we didn’t have before.  I’m not sure when this was exactly but I’m pretty sure it was either last year or the year before that.  Anyways, you can check the pictures below!

I’ve added additional HQ movie stills & behind the scenes photos from “Funsize“.  Enjoy!

10 quick questions for Thomas Mann

1) One of my most memorable experiences was……. sitting a few rows back from Alec Baldwin when he got kicked off the plane for refusing to turn off his cell phone. Step aside 6-year-olds, this guy can throw a  tantrum.

2) I can’t live without my…. toothbrush.

3) My idea of happiness…… is sitting in a rocking chair on a porch in Oregon with a bloodhound at my feet.

4) I value…. close friends and my loving family.

5) Something that I’ve not told with anyone is…. I was once kicked out of a party at the playboy mansion, which sounds a lot cooler than it is.

6) This year my goal is to…. get a dog!

7) Fashion, to me, is…. putting on a shirt, looking in the mirror, deciding it looks stupid, then putting on something else. I repeat this until I’m comfortable with the way I look. I think everyone does this. For fashion.

8) If I was not acting (or singing or modeling), I would be…. in college maybe, learning 2 write good. I envy talented writers.

9) My favorite journey has been… moving to LA when I was 17 and being able to do something I love. I’m very lucky.

10) My motto in life is… fear is the only true enemy.



I’ve added 6 additional HQ movie stills from “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” to the gallery. Check them out below!


Gallery Link: Movie Productions > Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters (2013) > Official Movie Stills [x6]

There’s just ONE MORE DAY until Beautiful Creatures hits theaters and JJJ will be in line to see it again!

We recently had the pleasure to chat with stars Zoey Deutch and Thomas Mann earlier this month and got the scoop on filming, their friendship and more. Check it:

JJJ: Thomas, Emmy Rossum talked to us about your “faux” dates with her during your down time. Did you freak out over the rats we heard about?

Thomas Mann: “No, I didn’t freak out. It was just a really nice touch to a really romantic evening. [laughs] No, I’m just kidding. We would go out and bond with our cast mates, so me and Emmy went out one night and literally sat with our feet dangling like over the edge of the side of where the Mississippi River is. It was super late at night, it was like drizzling rain, it was really picturesque and really nice. Then all of a sudden I see something and I’m like, ‘What is that a bird over there?’ And [Emmy] was like, ‘What are you blind? That’s a rat!’ There was a few of them! Yeah, we had some nice times together, for sure.”

Zoey Deutch: “Yeah, it always felt good for the rest of us when we would all be hanging have a great time and y’all would just split off and be like, look we’re the cool ones and we love each other! What? I’m not mad! I’m not bitter, you crazy loon! (laughs)”

Read Entire Interview