Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, the drama weepie that swept this year’s Sundance Film Festival, has a release date.

Fox Searchlight, which made its own drama acquiring the movie, will open the movie July 1 in a limited platform basis.

The drama stars Thomas Mann, who plays an awkward senior forced by his mother to spend time with a classmate he hasn’t talked to since kindergarten, a girl just diagnosed with cancer.Olivia Cooke stars as the girl.

The movie adapts the book by Jesse Andrews and is directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon.

After its premiere at Sundance, The Hollywood Reporter’s review of the movie called it “a smart-ass charmer, merciless tearjerker and sincere celebration of teenage creativity.”

The movie went on to win Sundance’s U.S. dramatic grand jury prize and the U.S. dramatic audience award.


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Thomas attended ChefDance 2015 at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Check out 2 pictures in the gallery below!


The tale of a loner who befriends a fellow high school student with leukemia has become the breakout hit of the Sundance Film Festival.

Fox Searchlight bought “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” after its well-received premiere Sunday for a reported $12 million, a record price for a Sundance movie.

The film stars Thomas Mann as the Greg Gaines — the “me” in the title, and British actress Olivia Cooke is the “dying girl,” while newcomer RJ Cyler is “Earl” — Gaines’ best friend. The audience at Sundance’s Eccles theatre gave the film a five-minute standing ovation as credits rolled.

“It was really emotional. We had seen the movie before but obviously it’s a really different experience seeing it with a huge group of people who have no idea what they’re about to see. And then the credits start rolling and everyone stands up and starts clapping. I mean, you start bawling. It’s overwhelming,” Mann said.

Cooke said she was sobbing.

“Molly Shannon was next to me and her stomach kind of crumpled and she was like, ‘huh huh,’ bawling her eyes out,” she said. “I couldn’t. I was a wreck. That was embarrassing.”

The film reportedly drew a bidding war from various potential distributors — likely mindful of the massive success of last summer’s “The Fault in our Stars,” a romance that similarly revolves around young people and cancer, which grossed nearly $325 million worldwide.

But the actors say there aren’t many similarities between that movie and theirs, directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and written by Jesse Andrews, who adapted his own novel.

“‘Fault in our Stars’ wasn’t really a thing when we auditioned for it. When we started making the movie, that’s when there was all this hype around it. The movie, you really can’t compare them. I mean, they’ve got cancer in them. And I guess that’s one comparative,” Cooke said. “You wouldn’t compare ‘Titanic’ and ‘Battleship’ because they’ve both got ships.”

Mann, a 23-year-old in demand in Hollywood with several movies set for release this year, said “Earl” spoke to him like no other film.

“This has been the most personal project for me. I’ve really had to pour myself into this movie. No other script has asked as much of me as this movie has. And I don’t know that it ever will. I hope it will but yeah it’s going to be hard to beat a juicy role like this,” he said.

Fox Searchlight said it will release the film sometime this year.


Congrats to Thomas and the rest of the cast & crew of Me And Earl And The Dying Girl!

Pictures of Thomas from the Sundance premiere of The Stanford Prison Experiment. Check them out below!

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Where are you from? It sounds cool to say I was born in Portland, but I definitely grew up in Dallas. So I’m not satisfied with the Mexican food in Los Angeles. I’m not sure if it’s more authentic, but my palette is more accustomed to Tex Mex. And everything is bigger in Texas — the parking spaces, the lanes, the people, the guns.

Are you a Sundance virgin? Yes. I’m slightly nervous but mainly anxious and excited.

What have you heard about the Sundance experience?

I’ve heard it’s nuts and there is a crazy party scene. I’ve also heard that you shouldn’t go unless you have a reason to be there. [Me & Earl & the Dying Girl costar] Olivia [Cooke] just turned 21, so we’ll probably celebrate accordingly. Because of the altitude, we’ll have to maintain a one vodka soda to one water ratio. Do they have hot tubs in Park City?

What are you going to pack for Park City?

Plenty of socks and underwear.

Describe the character you play in Me & Earl & The Dying Girl in one sentence.

The one sentence thing is hard. Greg is a self-conscious teenager who keeps everyone at arms length. He has this one friend, Earl, that he won’t even call his friend. In his spare times, he remakes weird, old foreign films with Earl — he’s got eccentric tastes for someone his age. He’s comfortable living in this bubble, but his mom forces him to befriend this girl in his class with leukemia. And their friendship blossoms as she is deteriorating. But it’s bittersweet: There’s a lot of comedy in the movie but at the heart, it’s about these two people getting to know each other under really tragic circumstances.

What about your role in The Stanford Prison Experiment?

My character’s name is 416. All the prisoners have been stripped of their identities and the things that make them human and are reduced to just a number.

What’s the buzz about that film?

It’s about the abuse of power. It’s incredibly timely — and timeless, too.

As for Me & Earl & the Dying Girl, how is it dfferent from The Fault in Our Stars?

This is more like: What if those two characters weren’t in love and one of them died — would their relationship still mater? This movie is all about exploring different facets of a person’s life and learning about someone after they die. It forces you to look at the people and relationships you take for granted — until after they’re gone. And it’s too late.

How does it feel to be a Sundance sensation?

I mean, it hasn’t hit me yet. I’m proud of both of my movies and I know that important people will see them. That’s what feels sensational to me.


On January 24th, Thomas attended 2 events during the Sundance Film Festival. Pictures from The IMDb & Amazon Instant Video StudioVerge: Sundance 2015 Party as well as 2 portrait sessions. Check them out in the gallery below!